What to wear for a helicopter tour?

If you’re planning on going for a helicopter tour, then the question of clothing can be a big one. 

It is essential to know what to wear before you take on the adventure.

Dress according to the season and location

The clothing for your helicopter tour will depend upon the site you’re flying over and the season at that time. 

Helicopter tour agencies will not provide you with warm clothing if you’re cold, and the temperature usually drops when you’re in the air.

Hence you should wear warm clothing and layer them to enjoy your tour freely.

Wear a beanie and gloves if you’re flying over a colder region. 

Apply sunscreen before the ride to protect your skin from the sun and the gush of wind. 

You can always dress down later. 

Choose function over fashion 

To enjoy your helicopter tour fully, you must dress suitably. 

Baggy and flappy clothes catch the wind so avoid wearing them. 

Wear a comfortable-sleeved shirt or t-shirt and a pair of jeans or long pants. 

Do not wear too tight clothes as you will need room to relax. 

Wear a waterproof windcheater if there are predictions of rain during your helicopter adventure. 

Prefer dark-colored clothing

To make your helicopter tour Instagram-worthy and fit for the flight, try wearing dark-colored clothes, or it is best to go with neutral tones.

Light-colored clothes tend to reflect sunlight. 

If you are getting your picture clicked, the camera will capture the light, and you’ll submerge in the background.

Additionally, it would be easier for the pilot, as there would be no unwanted reflectors in the aircraft.

Wear appropriate headgear 

Do not wear big floppy hats on your helicopter tour. 

If you have long hair, tie them back before the flight. 

Before the flight, put away hair accessories that could hinder communication or fly away with the wind. 

If you wear or bring sunglasses on the air tour, secure them with a lanyard. 

Pick the proper footwear 

Avoid wearing sandals, flip-flops, and open-toed shoes for a smooth helicopter ride. 

These shoes can quickly come off during the flight, making them unsafe for all passengers. 

Wear athletic and sturdy footwear such as running shoes or sneakers that shall stay put during your helicopter experience. 

Accessories you can carry 

A camera or smartphone are allowed for the helicopter tour, but it is important to keep the smartphone in flight mode at all times and secure it with a lanyard or wrist strap.

What not to bring  

If you’re carrying a jacket as backup, make sure it is not too puffy and large to save space. 

You must avoid taking a heavy backpack or purse on the helicopter ride as it adds to the aircraft’s overall weight. 

It is recommended not to wear loose jewelry such as long necklaces or dangling earrings during the air tour. 

Avoid bringing or wearing a scarf as it could fly away with the wind. 

Carry a tripod, selfie stick, extra camera lenses, or bottled liquids, only if you have a permit. 

Book a tour and have the experience of a lifetime.

Featured Image: Rainbowhelicopters.com