18 Minutes PRIVATE Helicopter Tour in Honolulu


Honolulu’s most famous stretch marks the first leg of your 30-minute Oahu helicopter journey. The flight takes you over the shoreline and up to the otherworldly Diamond Head Crater!
But that’s not all—after exploring the volcanic cone, you’ll travel to Oahu’s south shore for even more epic scenery. Fly above Koko Head and see other notable landmarks.
See Waikiki Beach and the shoreline from high above! Get a bird’s eye view of the century-old Makapu Lighthouse. Your experience will be something you’ll never forget, we guarantee that. Private flights. Doors optional. Two to three seats available per flight. Book online or give us a call for a concierge like booking experience. Shorter flights are also available at lower cost.
*Please call or e-mail for last minute availability (within 12 hours)

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