Helicopter White Island / Mount Tarawera ‘Volcanic Extremes’


Experience “Volcanic Extremes” flying over the active crater of “Whakaari” White Island before landing on the now dormant but extremely spectacular summit of Mount Tarawera.
Both of these volcanoes are of significance, Whakaari more recently for the devastating 2019 eruption and Mount Tarawera for the much larger 1886 eruption considered to be the largest in New Zealand’s living memory. Different in the extreme, Whakaari is an active marine volcano and changes its activity on a daily basis while far inland Mount Tarawera stands impressively above its central North Island landscape. The mountains now dormant but no less impressive craters and domes are evidence of the massive eruption that shaped this area. Views from the Mountains summit are breathtaking, not only for the volcanoes deep craters but also for commanding vistas of the surrounding region.


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