Kaikoura Helicopters Extended Whale Watch flight


Within minutes of taking off from our beach from helipads, you will be in the spectacular environment that plays host to one of the worlds largest marine mammals, the magnificent Sperm Whale.
This flight allows you extra time in the whale area to view these majestic creatures of the deep. This also gives you the possibility of viewing dolphins for just a little extra.

– A better option for when the whales are feeding further off shore or are holding their breath for longer than expected.

– More chance to view any transient baleen whales – these whales typically spend short surface intervals (one to 4 breaths) followed by long periods under water (often 2-5 minutes), the longer flight time gives us longer wait for them.

– Depending on the location of the Sperm whales, gives us more time to search for dolphin and /or fly along the Kaikoura southern coastline on our way back to land.

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