How much does a helicopter tour cost

Going on a helicopter tour is an adventure filled with excitement and rush. 

Despite their high costs, helicopter tours are an attraction that draws many people each year. 

While the ground expedition to a destination will provide you with the feel of the place, a helicopter tour will offer you an incredible aerial view of the location. 

Everything looks more beautiful from the top, whether it’s the snowy mountain tops or the luscious landscapes. 

Helicopter tour price  

Helicopter tours can cost anywhere from $45 to $17000. 

The helicopter tour price differs with the tour location and inclusions.

Thousands of people go on helicopter tours every year. 

The cheaper tours offer the aerial view of a limited area, such as small cities or a small part of a big city, and the time duration is also short.

The more expensive tours usually cover a big city or multiple destinations with stops for refueling, food and local exploration. 

These tours can last for three to five hours.

Why are helicopter rides so expensive

Why are helicopter rides so expensive

A helicopter is a costly machine to acquire and maintain. 

The highest recurring charge for a helicopter ride is fuelling, contributing to a significant portion of the expenses. 

An essential factor to consider is the convenience that comes with air travel. 

Helicopter rides provide a quick and exciting adventure, and you are paying for the experience. 

The fee charged by the pilot also contributes to the overall cost. 

Maintenance of helicopters is also expensive as many parts require regular checking and updating, such as insurance. 

All these little expenses make up the eventual cost of your ticket. 

When should you book your tour 

When should you book your tour

If you’re planning to go on a helicopter ride, make sure you book it in advance. 

Helicopter tours have limited seating, and therefore the tickets sell out quickly. 

Most helicopter tour agencies provide the facility of online booking. 

The agency and the trip you select will determine the exact time frame before you can book your ride.

Some rides can be booked 7 to 10 days in advance, whereas others require a booking at least a month or two. 

It is rare to find slots for a tour if you’re trying to book for the same day. 

How long is a helicopter ride 

How long is a helicopter ride

The duration of your helicopter ride depends on the tour you choose. 

For tours that offer only the aerial view of a small city and a single location, the time is usually 15 to 30 minutes. 

Tours that take you through different stops in a big city and provide a complete sightseeing experience can last upto 1 hour. 

Rides covering different cities and offering inclusions such as food may take longer. 

For more extended tours, the helicopter will also take refueling stops. 

The helicopter tour agency you book through will provide an itinerary of your ride to give you an exact idea. 

Is a helicopter tour worth it

There are multiple ways to explore a destination, but the most majestic of them is to take a bird’s eye view of that place. 

Indeed being able to take a helicopter tour is a luxury and an experience you should take advantage of. 

This unique viewing angle will make the experience memorable for you. 

Investing in a helicopter tour will be worth it.

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