Helicopter Tours in Rio de Janeiro

Helicopter tours in Rio de Janeiro are a very thrilling experience. Visit the famous city of Brazil from a never seen before angle.

See Christ the redeemer, Sugarloaf and the bay from the bird’s eye view. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Admire the beaches and mountains in the photographic city that can be at your feet during this unique experience.

A helicopter tour over Rio de Janeiro, or The Carioca as the locals call it, will satisfy you.

What to expect from helicopter tours in Rio de Janeiro

What to expect from helicopter tours in Rio de Janeiro
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You will be able to look at all the beaches, mountains, and forests the city offers.

View Christ the Redeemer, one of the seven wonders of the modern world, up close from the aerial view.

Flying over Christ the Redeemer, Brazil’s most outstanding tourism icon and still being blessed, is priceless.

You can also view Copacabana, one of the best-known beaches in the world.

Its 4 kilometers long beach and acts as the stage for significant events like sand soccer championships and beach volleyball.

You will get to see a few of the main beaches of Rio, including Vermelha and Ipanema, which offer beautiful scenery to enjoy during the late afternoon.

Sugarloaf Mountain is one of the best things you can view from this helicopter ride. It is one of the most beautiful views in Rio de Janeiro.

Later you will see the famous waterfront Mureta da Urca, and Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is the perfect setting for sports, picnics and moments of relaxation and leisure. 

Be prepared to take the best panoram photos of the city on this helicopter tour over Rio de Janeiro.

Helicopter tour in Rio de Janeiro prices

While going on any tour, it is important to find the right ticket that suits your needs and fits your budget.

Prices for helicopter tours in Rio de Janeiro vary depending on duration, number of people on board and flight time. 

Here are the prices for helicopter tours in Rio de Janeiro for you to choose from

TicketsPrices (per person)Duration(approx)
Rio By Air – Sugar Loaf with Lunch and Helicopter tour$2758 hours
Helicopter Flight – Wonderful City – RJ (Private Flight – 4 people)$85412 to 13 minutes
Helicopter Ride for 25 to 30min with Hotel pick-up and drop-off$25025 to 30 minutes 
Helicopter Tour – Samba – (Private Flight – 4 people)$44030 minutes
Helicopter tour in Rio de Janeiro – 30 Minutes$23130 minutes
Private Helicopter Ride in Rio de Janeiro$25030 minutes to 1 hour
Private Helicopter Tour over Rio – 03 people – 60 minutes$1,0401 hour 
Private Helicopter Tour over Rio – 45 minutes – 3 people$77045 minutes
Private Helicopter Tour over Rio de Janeiro – 03 people – 30 min$ 59030 minutes
Rio de Janeiro Helicopter Tour$2198 minutes
Rio de Janeiro Helicopter Tour – Christ the Redeemer$1787 to 8 minutes
Rio de Janeiro Super Saver: Sugar Loaf Mountain Tour and Christ Redeemer Statue Helicopter Flight$2758 hours
Rio Helicopter Private Tour with Transport to Boarding Area (Exclusive Flight)$18802 to 3 hours
Small-Group Sunset Helicopter 45min Tour in Rio$3503 to 4 hours

Viewing one of the most famous cities in the world on a helicopter tour is a once-in-lifetime opportunity and is definitely worth it.

Helicopter tour timings

The specific time when a helicopter tour in Rio de Janeiro starts can vary depending on the tour operator and the particular tour package.

Usually, the helicopters take off once at 10 am and then again at 3 pm.

If you wish to visit the Sugarloaf and Christ the Redeemer, the helicopter takes off at 8 am.

For a helicopter tour that includes a sunset, the departure for the helicopter tour is at 4 pm.

If you have booked a private tour of any kind, there is no specific time for take-off, and you have more flexibility.

Check with the tour operator for the specific departure time if that interests you.

Where do Helicopters take off from

Usually, the helicopter tours for Rio de Janeiro take off from Olympic Golf Course get directions

The address of the takeoff location is Av. Gen. Moisés Castelo Branco Filho, 700 – Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22793-365, Brazil get directions

The location of the helipad is in the Olimpic Golfe Course Rio 2016 get directions

If you have booked a hotel pick-up, the departure point is Hotel Rio Othon Palace

Av. Atlântica, 3264 – 5º andar – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22070-001, Brazil. Get directions

If your booked ticket has a different take-off location, contact your service provider and confirm the location.

Where do helicopters return?

After completing your once-in-a-lifetime helicopter ride over Rio de Janeiro, the helicopter usually returns to the meeting point.

Hence, plan accordingly if you have to reach another location after the helicopter ride.

If there is a different return location, contact your service provider beforehand.

How many people tour in one helicopter?

The capacity of the number of people can depend on the kind. Usually, a helicopter needs a minimum of three passengers to take off.

A maximum of five passengers, excluding to the pilot.

If a helicopter has more seats than you can fill, the tour company can add another group into the exact vehicle as yours.

Weight restrictions

Depending on the helicopter used for the tour, the passengers may have weight restrictions.

Usually, the maximum weight per passenger seat is usually 120 kg ( 265 lbs), according to the aircraft manufacturer’s manual.

Kids on the helicopter ride

Kids are allowed on helicopter rides in Rio de Janeiro as long as they are seated on a lap.

Additionally, an adult over the age of 18 must accompany an infant.

If a kid travels in a private helicopter over Rio de Janeiro, they will be charged the same as an adult.

Parents need to carry the age proof of the kids.

Helicopter tours of Rio de Janeiro

Helicopter tours of Rio de Janeiro
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Rio de Janeiro is one of South America’s most attractive tourist cities. This place is a symbol of fun, games, great atmosphere. 

Today, the former capital of Brazil and the Portuguese Empire is the center of the most famous carnival in the world. 

This destination guards a giant statue of Christ and boasts one of the most famous beaches in the world: Copacabana.

Feel the atmosphere of rumba, and use our advice to get ready to enjoy the most beautiful part of Brazil.

Helicopter tours in Rio de Janeiro

From a bird’s eye view, Rio de Janeiro appears to be a region between mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. 

The helicopter tours in Rio de Janeiro provide you with the best city views without going through crowds.

Visit the city’s iconic beaches – Copacabana and Ipanema- and the towering Christ the Redeemer statue atop Mount Corcovado from the sky.

The city also features many bays and green spaces, the architecture of historical importance, and modern skyscrapers, all of which can be enjoyed from the sky.

You can book the Helicopter Flight – Wonderful City – RJ or the Helicopter Tour – Samba.

These tours are private and can carry four people

You can choose amongst the best Helicopter tours in Rio de Janeiro and settle on the one best suited to your needs.

Private helicopter tours in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro offers private helicopter tours for tourists to enjoy scenic aerial views of the city. 

These tours typically last 30 minutes to an hour and offer breathtaking views of landmarks.

You can spot famous landmarks such as Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer statue, and Guanabara Bay. 

You can book private helicopter tours in Rio de Janeiro based on how much time you wish to spend in the sky.

Helicopter tour over Christ the Redeemer

A helicopter tour over the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro is a popular attraction for tourists visiting the city. 

The tour offers panoramic views of the statue, which stands 30 meters tall and is atop Mount Corcovado. 

From the helicopter, you can see the entire statue and the surrounding cityscape and scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Helicopter tour to Sugar Loaf mountain

Helicopter tour to Sugar Loaf mountain
Image: Cnn.com

A helicopter tour to Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro is a popular tourist activity. 

The tour offers breathtaking aerial views of the iconic landmark and panoramic views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Sugar Loaf Mountain is a 396-meter high granite peak in Guanabara Bay and offers a unique view of the city. 

The tours typically last from 30 minutes to an hour and can be arranged through local tour operators and aviation companies.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours before the experience for a full refund. 

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the experience’s start time, the amount you paid will not be refunded. 

Any changes made less than 24 hours before the experience’s start time will not be accepted.

Cut-off times are based on the experience’s local time. 

You’ll be offered a different date or a full refund if it’s canceled due to poor weather. This experience requires a minimum number of travelers. 

If it’s canceled because the minimum isn’t met, you’ll be offered a different date or experience or a full refund.

The best time to go 

Brazil is the land of the beaches which offers the best summer atmosphere. When one thinks of brazil, the sun, cold drinks and beaches. 

The best time to visit Rio de Janeiro is between April to June and between September to late November.  

During these months, you can view the beaches, the sea, Christ the Redeemer, the sugarloaf, and much more and make the most out of a helicopter tour.

Hence, if you wish to enjoy the city in a Brazilian fashion, helicopter tours in Rio are most enjoyed when booked in the summer.

Is the helicopter tour in Rio de Janeiro worth it?

Visiting the most famous city in the fifth largest country too from a bird’s eye view is definitely worth it.

Rio de Janeiro is best known for its famous Christ the redeemer statue, its beautiful beaches and its Sugarloaf mountain.

All these, being very popular, are always crowded. Hence visiting Rio de Janeiro on a helicopter tour gives you the best visuals of the city, minus the crowd.

The thrill and excitement one feels on a helicopter, combined with the beautiful panoramic views, make the helicopter tours worth it.

Featured Image: Tripadvisor.com