Helicopter tours FAQs

What are helicopter tours?

Helicopter tours are a fantastic way to get a bird’s eye view of scenic places.

They cover cities, tourist attractions, wildlife, mountains, and more. 

Helicopter rides are recommended only for the brave of the heart. 

Mostly they are short flights, lasting between 15 to 30 minutes and covering a limited area.

How long do helicopter tours last?

It depends upon the helicopter and the tour you’re taking.

The shorter tours usually last for 15 minutes, including only a quick ride over the city and sightseeing tours of bigger cities, which can easily last upto 30 to 40 minutes. 

If your tour includes a picnic stop in between then, it can also take upto 2 hours to complete.

Are helicopter tours safe?

Statistically, helicopter tours are safer than other modes of transport.

According to studies, more people die in car crashes than in helicopter crashes. 

The travel time of helicopters is usually short, and the emergency architecture is robust in them.

Helicopters are helpful for various emergency operations around the world.

What is the best time to arrive for the helicopter tour?

Reach the heliport at least 20-25 minutes early.

The safety briefing by the pilot will take time, and you’ll also get time to prepare yourself.

Can you talk to the pilot during the flight?

Yes, you can ask questions and engage with the pilot during the flight.

Avoid disturbing the pilot during take-off and landing.

You’ll be provided headsets for inter-communications with other passengers.

What is the best time for a helicopter tour?

Generally, mornings and afternoons are great for helicopter tours.

Choose a night tour only if it is highly recommended and promises a beautiful sunset or a glimmering city night view.

Are children allowed on helicopter tours?

Helicopter tours allow children of all ages.

There is no separate ticket for children younger than two years, and they are allowed as lap children.

An arrangement for an aircraft-approved car seat can make the ride smoother.

Can pregnant women go on helicopter tours?

Helicopter tours are safe for pregnant women.

However, women in the first trimester and post-F week of pregnancy should avoid helicopter rides.

As a precaution, consultation with a doctor beforehand is a safer option.

Is ear protection necessary for children on tour?

Some helicopter tour agencies might provide solutions for traveling with small children, but parents must bring ear protection suitable for their children.

The regular headsets will be too big for small children.

Can a child or minor fly unaccompanied?

Persons below the age of 18 must travel under adult supervision.

No children can travel alone.

What happens if there is bad weather?

If weather conditions seem inadequate on the day of your tour, you don’t have to fret. 

The pilots thoroughly inspect all the factors that might impact your time before it begins. 

He will cancel your tour if the weather is unsafe for flying.

Depending on your helicopter tour agency, you’ll either get a refund or an option to reschedule your tour for another day.

Can people with motion sickness go on helicopter tours?

If you’re prone to motion sickness, a helicopter ride might trigger it.

The altitude and the rapid change in movement and direction can make it difficult for you.

Inform the pilot of your condition and ask if you could get a seat in front.

Take medication before the flight if it helps.

Is it safe to fly with doors open?

Both doors on and off options are secure for flying. 

If the agency and aircraft you’re flying with allow customization as per preference, then it is upto you to choose how you’d like to pass.

The doors-off option is more thrilling, but if you want to talk comfortably during the flight, you should choose the doors-on option.

Are pets allowed on a helicopter tour?

Pets are not permitted on helicopter tours for the simple reason that they might become a safety hazard.

In a helicopter, all aisles and exits are for regular and emergency ins and outs.

Placing pets down would hinder the protocol.

Is smoking allowed on helicopter tours?

Smoking is not permitted inside the aircraft.

The limited space and close seating arrangement forbid the practice.

What to wear on a helicopter flight?

While picking out clothing for your helicopter tour, remember the location and the season you’re traveling. 

Pick light-colored clothing to avoid any unnecessary reflections in your pictures. 

Wear comfortable but not too baggy clothes like pants or jeans with a t-shirt or shirt is perfect.
Layer up with a windbreaker and carry an extra coat or jacket if you’re traveling during winter.

How is the seating arrangement decided in a helicopter?

Your seat is determined primarily according to weight and height, among other parameters.

A helicopter can carry a stipulated amount of equally distributed weight.
All passengers have to provide their weight before boarding.

What kind of baggage is allowed on a flight?

Helicopters fly under an unexpendable weight limitation.

You can only carry a small backpack or duffle bag.

The pilot can cancel your tour if your luggage is over the limit.

Are beverages allowed on flights?

Most helicopters will allow you to carry a bottle of water.

Carrying other beverages will require prior permission.

Is sitting next to the pilot allowed?

You can request a seat next to the pilot, but it is entirely up to their discretion.

You won’t be allowed to sit if it disrupts the weight distribution of the flight.

How many people can a helicopter accommodate?

Most helicopters can accommodate three to five passengers.

The helicopters generally have either four or six seats.

Due to the aircraft’s size, all passengers get a good view of the outside- irrespective of their seat.

Are smartphones and cameras allowed on helicopters?

Yes, you can carry a smartphone or camera for clicking pictures.

Keep your smartphone in flight mode at all times.

Secure your smartphone and camera with a lanyard or hand strap to avoid losing grip.

Are tripods and selfie sticks allowed?

This factor is entirely dependent on the tour and aircraft you’re taking.

Selfie sticks are not allowed in most helicopter tours.

Earlier, tripods were also restricted, but due to a great demand in people trying to film their experiences, agencies are now permitting people to carry tripods.

It is better to check with the helicopter agency before you carry them.

Can helicopter tours be rescheduled?

Tour rescheduling is only possible if the helicopter tour agency allows it.

If you want to reschedule, you must inform the agency and start the process.

If the reason for rescheduling is outside natural grounds, such as bad weather, the tour agency will probably charge you a fee.

What is better for touring: a helicopter or a small plane?

Tours are usually short; therefore, a helicopter is better for touring. 

Small planes consume less fuel and are suitable for long tours. 

Helicopters offer excellent maneuverability and safer options for emergency landings. 

They fly at a lower altitude and do quick turnarounds, making them perfect for touring beautiful scenery.

How soon can you exit an aircraft?

Passengers on board cannot open and close the aircraft doors as they please; only the pilot can do that.

You can exit the aircraft only when the pilot instructs you.

Are helicopter tours guided?

Only a few helicopter tour agencies provide the option of narrated tours.

Primarily, you’d have to depend on the pilot or an experienced traveler.

However, do not disturb and interact with the pilot while taking off or landing.

What is the weight limit for a helicopter tour?

Most helicopter operators set the weight limit of passengers between 250 lbs (113kg) to 300 lbs (136kg).

A helicopter can carry only a set amount of weight, and an overall weight assessment takes place before the take-off.

Passengers and their carry-ons are measured.

Most helicopters will charge an extra fee for passengers who exceed the weight limit.

Can people afraid of heights go on helicopter tours?

A helicopter tour is a terrific experience, but it is not for the faint-hearted.

If you’re afraid of heights, you should analyze what the experience takes before you venture into it.
Overall, flying in a helicopter is an exciting experience.

If you’re ready to soak in the beauty of a destination from a birds-eye view, go ahead and book your helicopter tour.

Featured Image: Rainbowhelicopters.com