Visit El Mirador & Its Monumental Pyramids – Tour On Helicopter From Flores


El Mirador is an archaeological site of the Late Preclassic period. During your visit, you will be able to observe several monumental structures much larger than the Jaguar pyramid in Tikal. La Data is one of those constructions, and it is the largest pyramid in the world by volume and the largest built by the Mayan civilization.

After many investigations and excavations, it was determined that this city was occupied from 1,000 BC. until 150 AD and that its peak was from 500 to 300 BC and abandoned in 150 AD. There are many centuries of history here, and you will love knowing every detail with our expert guide.

A very curious fact is that the American actor Morgan Freeman visited El Mirador as part of his program “The Story of God”, in which he assures that if people want a truly historical experience, they should visit El Mirador in Petén. So come with us and enjoy this adventure with a team of professionals who will make this experience totally worth every penny.


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