First time helicopter tour

Whether you’re on an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon or flying over the ranges and beaches of Hawaii, a helicopter tour is a thrilling experience. 

It ensures magnificent scenery and an adrenaline rush for the adventurer in you.

However, it can be as overwhelming as exciting if it’s your first time. 

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few things to remember before your first helicopter ride. 

Sort out your concerns

Sort out your concerns
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If you’re afraid of flying, approaching your first helicopter adventure can be daunting. 

To prepare better, research and familiarize yourself with the area you’re flying over. 

Clarify your concerns with the pilot before the tour begins. 

You’ll fly with a well-trained professional, and the machine will be thoroughly inspected before the trip so you can relax.  

Pack light and efficient 

Helicopter rides allow limited carry-ons and usually last 15 to 30 minutes. 

You would prefer to take in the scenic view from above without being bothered by your baggage.

Carry a camera or phone if you’re there for Insta-worthy content. 

You have to keep your phone in flight mode at all times.

Most tours will provide noise-canceling headphones, but if you have sensitive ears, you should carry your own earplugs.

Dress comfortably, and a pair of sunglasses will come in handy if you fly on a sunny morning or afternoon.

Safety is the top priority

A considerable amount of the population is scared of heights. 

However, you can lessen your fear of flying with prior awareness of safety measures.

On your first flight, pay close attention to every instruction of your pilot.

Make a mental note of all the protocols that your pilot has supplied.

The helicopters have emergency gear for water landings and fires.

Passenger height and weight direct the seating arrangement. 

Sit only on your assigned seat, as it is essential to maintain the balance of the aircraft. 

Don’t forget to wear your seat and shoulder belt at all times. 

If something slips off your grip during the helicopter tour, do not try to reach for it.

It can be severely dangerous. 

Inform in advance of any special occasion 

If you’re planning your helicopter adventure to celebrate something special, then informing the pilot could level it up.

Whether it’s a proposal, a birthday gift, or an anniversary extravaganza, communicate with your pilot, and you might be allowed to carry some celebratory wine and tidbits. 

Don’t get nervous 

The choppers usually experience turbulence during takeoff and landing; otherwise, the experience is essentially smooth. 

With a little mental preparation, you may not notice it. 

During a turbulent helicopter ride, keep in mind that your pilot is highly skilled and experienced in flying the route, and there is no need to panic.

It’s advisable to inform the pilot in advance if you are susceptible to motion sickness.

In case of disorientation during a helicopter flight, try deep breathing, focus on the horizon, and don’t look down. 

Have a good time 

Remember, flying in a helicopter is an exhilarating escapade, and you might not get the chance to encounter it again. 

Try to focus on the excitement and adrenaline of the helicopter experience.

Soak in the majestic feeling and immerse yourself in the splendid views surrounding your first helicopter tour.

Trust the professional and the machine to do its job and just have fun.

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