Sightseeing Helicopter Tour in Helsinki


Take in all of the city sights and enjoy the amazing nordic views on our spectacular, award winning scenic flight! This is the tour in Helsinki you don’t want to miss! Save time, avoid the crowds and experience even more than on any other tour leaving you the time to explore the city more. In addition to the most famous sights, you get to see places that aren’t easily accessed, such as the archipelago, local neighbourhoods and natural forests. You may just sit back and enjoy a glass of complimentary champagne and other drinks while you experience it all at once. To make your experience as smooth and luxurious as possible, a high end limo service will pick you up to the Airbus H125 helicopter and drive you to any location in Helsinki Metropolitan area after your flight. This is the Travel and Hospitality award winning tour, that is a must thing to do if you are visiting Helsinki!

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