Dubai Helicopter Tour

Dubai Helicopter Tours provide a unique opportunity to view the city from the air.

You can discover the city from a different angle and enjoy breathtaking views of its skyline, famous buildings, and lovely beaches with a selection of tour packages.

Dubai Helicopter Tours has options for everyone, whether you’re searching for a romantic retreat or a thrilling experience.

You will see Dubai from a fresh angle, from the spectacular views of the Palm Jumeirah to the shimmering skyscrapers of Downtown Dubai.

Read the article below to learn more about the different helicopter tours in Dubai.

What to expect from helicopter tours in Dubai?

For an exciting—and effective—way to discover the modern city, skip the walking and bus tours and take a Dubai helicopter tour.

A helicopter tour in Dubai provides aerial views of the city’s recognizable skyline, which includes the Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, and Palm Jumeirah, the largest artificial island in the world.

Other helicopter tour attractions in Dubai include the Burj Al Arab, the only seven-star hotel in the world, the World Islands, the Dubai Marina, and the Dubai Creek.

Depending on the trip, you might also view the Dubai Desert Conservation.

Dubai helicopter tours usually run between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on the tour package.

A helipad stop may be made throughout the tour so that you can take pictures and take in the scenery.

As you soar over the city and coast, take in your pilot’s uninterrupted views and comments.

You can expect to see Dubai’s famous hotels, neighborhoods, and palm-shaped islands from above by helicopter ride above the city. 

What time do helicopter tours take off?

The timing of the helicopter tours in Dubai differs based on the tour operators.

For example, HeliDubai has regular flight takeoffs from 9 am and continues to do so until 5 pm for a duration of 12 to 22 minutes.

The Atlantis helicopter tours operated by Arabia Horizons take off from Atlantis Helipad from 8.30 am to 6 pm.

Falcon helicopter tours with a Pearl Falcon Helicopter operate from 8 am to 5 pm.

The helicopter tours in Dubai take place every day of the week, including all public holidays.

You will have a variety of time windows to choose from depending on the tour you select.

Note: Operators may cancel the tour because of bad weather, which is subject to change.

Prices of helicopter tours in Dubai

Prices of helicopter tours in Dubai

In addition to being expensive, helicopter tours are also brief.

It is something that only some can purchase due to its high cost.

On the other hand, helicopter tours are an excellent way to explore a desert metropolis like Dubai if you can afford them.

The cheapest Dubai helicopter tour will cost you around AED 694 ($189) per person.

It is also the most popular tour around the City of Gold.

The most expensive Dubai helicopter tour ticket can cost AED 2200 ($599) per person.

The prices of helicopter tours in Dubai depend on three factors:

  1. How long you spend in the air
  2. The moment of takeoff. For instance, night flights are frequently less expensive.
  3. If the helicopter excursion is a package component. A combo tour around Palm Jumeirah is an example.

This 12-minute helicopter tour over Dubai is the best option if you’re seeking affordable helicopter tours in New York.

The best helicopter tour of Dubai’s skyline is this helicopter tour from Palm Jumeirah.

We have curated a list of the best helicopter tours in Dubai

TicketsPricesMin person/group
Dubai Helicopter Iconic Tours 12 minutesAED 2255 ($614)
Dubai Helicopter Tour: Experience Dubai’s iconic landmarksAED 1675 ($456)2
Dubai Helicopter Scenic Tour – 17 minutesAED 2292 ($624)2
Dubai Helicopter the vision tour – 22 minAED 4143 ($1128)2
Dubai Helicopter Tours (12 Minutes flight)AED 4400 ($1198)2
Helicopter Sightseeing Tour in Dubai 12 minutesAED 2762 ($752)2
Helicopter Ride in Dubai – Peal Heli Tour – 12 min flightAED 1910 ($520)2
Helicopter Tour in DubaiAED 1947 ($530)2
Dubai Helicopter the Grand Tour – 30 minutesAED 5230 ($1424)2


Most of these trip rates include standard exclusions such as –

  1. Souvenir photos (available to purchase)
  2. Hotel pickup and drop off
  3. Snacks/Meals
  4. Gratitudes
  5. Photography and Videography

You may check if the tickets include any of these in the helicopter tour cost on the tour booking page.


In addition to the helicopter trip, an in-flight narrative is also included in the fee.

The audio commentary will default to English if you request more than two languages on the same aircraft.

The tour costs include applicable taxes, fuel surcharges, and service costs.

There can be additional inclusions, depending on the tour you choose.

For instance, if you book the helicopter tour with Aquaventure Waterpark entry tickets, you also get an access pass for 30 slides, attractions, and a private beach.

Where do helicopters take off from?

Where do Helicopters take off from

Dubai helicopter tour and Dubai helicopter iconic tour, which HeliDubai Helicopter Tours operates, depart from Dubai Police Academy – Al Sufouh – Al Sufouh 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Similarly, the Dubai helicopter tour from Palm Jumeirah and the private Dubai helicopter tour from Palm Jumeirah is hosted by the popular Dubai tour operator Arabia Horizons.

They depart from Atlantis Helipad at the white beach parking area entrance in the Palm, United Arab Emirates.

Tours by Royal Smart Tourism depart from Dubai Police Academy and Falcon Heli Tours.

Other departure points include VooTours Meeting Point Crescent Rd, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, operated by Falcon Helicopter Tours.

Where do helicopters return?

After an enjoyable helicopter tour of Dubai sightseeing of the most iconic locations, you will be safely transported back to the meeting point.

The helicopters return to the same heliport or airport from which they departed.

How many people can travel in one helicopter?

Helicopters used by tourists often have four or six seats.

You might get a four- or six-seater, depending on the tour you choose and the number of guests reserved for the helicopter flight.

As a result, for the heli tour of Dubai to be confirmed, sometimes a minimum of two and sometimes a maximum of four or five passengers are needed.

When you reserve a shared tour, there will be additional people on the trip in addition to your group. 

We advise choosing the private helicopter tour if you value your privacy or desire a unique experience.

For a private helicopter tour, you can book tickets for a minimum of two to a maximum of six passengers.

Best helicopter tours in Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the most breathtaking helicopter tours in the world.

There are many amazing things to see from the air, ranging from the iconic Palm Jumeirah to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

The best helicopter tours in Dubai provide visitors the ability to experience the city’s skyline from a different angle as well as to explore the desert and coasts.

Here is our pick of Dubai’s top helicopter tours.

Private Helicopter Tour in Dubai

Although Dubai’s ultra-modern buildings and breathtaking coastline are supposed to be explored, the city and beaches can be intimidating and busy. 

Private helicopter tours in Dubai offer a unique and unforgettable experience.

You can get a bird’s eye view of the city’s iconic landmarks, such as the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina.

During this Dubai Private Helicopter Tour from Palm Jumeirah, experience the city from above and take in the sights for yourself and your group. 

In a helicopter, soar over Dubai to witness the city’s famous structures, shorelines, and palm-shaped islands with the Dubai helicopter tour with private transfer.

If you are a bigger group and still want to enjoy, you can travel in an advanced helicopter called a seaplane in this private SeaPlane Dubai tour.

A private helicopter tour of Dubai is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, taking in the city’s breathtaking skyline and stunning desert environment.

Luxury Dubai Helicopter Tours

Given that Dubai is one of the world’s most luxurious cities, it is not surprising that it has some of the most luxurious helicopter tours available.

Luxury helicopter tours in Dubai provide a distinctive way to see the city and its surroundings.

Experienced pilots usually lead the trips, giving you an exciting and enlightening commentary while you soar above the city.

This VIP helicopter tour highlights the city’s significant sights from the air and is the ideal introduction for first-time visitors to Dubai.

Get the Odyssey helicopter tour to ensure that your entire family has an unforgettable experience from the renowned Burj Khalifa to the well-known Burj Al-Arab.

A helicopter cabin offers a breathtaking view of the city, giving you a fresh perspective on its attractions. 

Use this opportunity to explore locations you’ve never been to before with the Premium Odyssey helicopter tour.

Helicopter Tour over Dubai Marina

Helicopter tours over Dubai Marina provide a unique perspective of the city.

During the tour, you can take in the stunning views of the city’s iconic skyline, the Palm Jumeirah, and the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

You can also get a bird’s eye view of the marina, with its luxurious yachts, high-end restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.

Take this helicopter tour and enjoy a dinner cruise on Dubai Marina, the largest man-made marina in the world, which features views and skyscraper structures.

Take a 2-hour cruise in Dubai Marina in a classic Arabic Dhow after taking a luxurious helicopter ride from Atlantis the Palm, where you can see the illuminated monuments and attractions at night.

Helicopter Tours over Dubai Palm Island

Dubai helicopter tours over Palm Island offer a bird’s eye perspective of the most opulent and private location on earth. 

You may enjoy breathtaking aerial views of the largest man-made island in the world, the iconic Palm Jumeirah. 

Nakheel, a real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates, used land reclamation to create the artificial archipelago known as The Palm Jumeirah in the Persian Gulf.

The opulent hotels and residences in Palm Jumeirah are well-known, and you can witness them with Dubai Helicopter Tour from Palm Jumeirah.

During this Dubai Private Helicopter Tour from Palm Jumeirah, experience the city from above and take in the sights for yourself and your group.

Take part in an exhilarating trip with fantastic, breathtaking views at The View at The Palm, the newest attraction in Dubai, with the Helicopter tour with admission to the View at the Palm.

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Weight Restrictions

The weight restrictions for helicopter tours in Dubai vary depending on the type of helicopter and the tour operator.

The weight limit for passengers on larger helicopters is 159 kg (350 lb), while for smaller helicopters, the limit is 113 kg (250 lbs).

It is crucial to confirm that the weight restrictions are appropriate for each passenger before making a reservation for a tour.

Some tour operators might ask their customers to be weighed before the tour to ensure the weight limits are within the limit.

Some may also mandate that passengers sit in a specific order to ensure that the weight is distributed equally throughout the helicopter.

Kids on helicopter tours

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult on all Dubai helicopter tours.

Children under two are subject to infant rates and require no ticket.

They are, however, expected to sit on their parent’s laps.

On the day of the trip, infants must weigh less than 15 kg (35 lbs) (their weights will be re-checked before taking off).

Parents must also have the child’s identification card for proof of age.

Regular adult prices are applicable if your child is two years old or older.

What to wear for a helicopter tour in Dubai?

What to wear for a helicopter tour in Dubai

A trip of the skies in a helicopter in Dubai is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you don’t want to waste it fretting about what to wear.

Passengers should dress comfortably and respectfully because Dubai is a strict country in terms of clothing, so swimwear is prohibited. 

Earrings should be worn at the passenger’s own risk, as they must use headphones.

Bring a light jacket and loose-fitting clothing if the weather drops as you ascend.

Put on comfortable shoes that won’t come untied.

Put on sunglasses and sunscreen and pull back your long hair.

It is recommended not to wear dangling jewelry.

Wear dark-colored clothing for excellent photos as they lessen reflection on the chopper windows. 

Unlike lighter hues, the reflection from the glass tends to spoil in your photographs.

Cancellation Policy of air tours in Dubai

You must cancel at least 24 hours before the experience’s start time to receive a complete refund. 

You will only get your money back if you cancel less than 24 hours before the adventure begins. 

You can make changes up to 24 hours before the experience’s start time. 

The experience’s local time determines cutoffs.

Good weather is necessary for this encounter. 

You will be given the option of an alternate date or a full refund if it is postponed because of bad weather.

When helicopter ride gets canceled?

There are two scenarios where a scheduled helicopter ride might get canceled.

The tour operator may postpone the tour due to bad weather or a failure to reach the required minimum number of tourists.

The Heli tour provider will provide a new date or a full refund.

Are helicopter tours dangerous?

In Dubai, helicopter tours are typically regarded as secure.

The helicopters are kept up to date, and the pilots have extensive training.

However, there is always a chance of an accident, just like with any type of air travel.

Make sure the operator you are selecting for your tour has a strong safety record by doing some research on them.

It is also crucial to pay attention to the safety briefing the pilot provides before the tour and to obey all flight directions.

Is the helicopter tours to Dubai worth it?

It depends on what you are looking for.

Although they might be fairly pricey, Dubai helicopter tours can be an excellent way to see the city from a different angle.

A helicopter tour to Dubai can be worth it if you’re seeking for a special opportunity and have the money for it.

Dubai helicopter tours FAQs

How much does a helicopter tour cost in Dubai?

The cost of helicopter tours in Dubai range from AED 694 (US$ 189) to AED 4,217 (US$ 1,148).

The price will vary depending on whether you choose a private tour or a shared flight, as well as on the length of the flight.

The shortest helicopter flight at 12 minutes costs around AED 694 ($189) per person.

The price can reach up to AED 4,217 (US$ 1,148) for 45-minute private rides.

There are several other tours with different flight times like the AED 1,271 (US$ 346) per person 15-minute Dubai helicopter tour from Palm Jumeirah.

Are helicopter tours worth it?

The helicopter provides an extraordinary view of the city with sights of the Palm Jumeirah islands and up close aerial contact with the Burj Khalifa.

A helicopter tour is worthwhile if you don’t mind the price and wish to get a bird’s eye perspective of Dubai’s exceptionally tall buildings and the manmade islands.

You get a two-for-one deal because, in addition to the sights, you also get to experience the bliss of a helicopter ride. 

Best time to take a helicopter tour in Dubai?

Usually, the best time to go on a helicopter tour in Dubai is mid-day, i.e. late morning or early afternoon. 

With clear skies and the light directly overhead, there won’t be as many shadows to distract your views.

Please keep in mind that the chances of clouds or rain rise as the day wears on. 

Book your tour online to offer yourself more options and the flexibility to reschedule your travel.

How long do helicopter tours in Dubai last?

The flight duration of Dubai helicopter tours can last anywhere between 12 minutes to about an hour.

You can choose from tours that include rides in a helicopter for 12, 17, 25, 30 or 60 minutes.

However, you must arrive at the meeting point upto 45 minutes before the departure time for the safety procedures, including weigh-in, safety briefing, passport screening, and security.

Also, don’t forget to carry an original or copy of your passport or a government-issued picture ID.

From where do helicopter tours in Dubai depart?

There are various starting points for helicopter tours in Dubai.

While some tours depart from helipads on the Palm Jumeirah, such as the Atlantis Helipad, some depart from the Helidubai Helipad near the Dubai Police Academy. 

What to wear for Dubai helicopter tours?

Dress comfortably to enjoy your ride and pack a light jacket as the temperature reduces as you ascend toward the sky.

Do not forget to wear sunscreen and sunglasses when touring during the day.

Try to wear secure footwear that won’t slip off and avoid loose jewelry or headphones.

Is there any age restriction?

Children under two years old are not allowed due to safety reasons, owing to GCAA rules.

A parent or legal guardian must be present with any visitor who is under the age of 18. 

Can I pick my seat before the booking?

Most helicopters in Dubai offer four seats in the rear and two in the front.

The seating arrangement is based on the weight of the passengers to balance the helicopter for safety purposes, but you can express your preferences for seats to the personnel before take-off. 

How many passengers are allowed on each flight?

Each helicopter flight is limited to five to six individuals at most.

Working hours for the helicopter tour?

Most helicopter tours in Dubai operate only from 9 am to 5 pm during the day.

Is there a weight limit?

A single helicopter can carry approximately upto 460 kilos (1,014 pounds), so depending on the number of people in the helicopter, the individual maximum weight limit changes.  

However, if six passengers exceed the weight restriction, you will need to purchase a second helicopter, which will cost more.

Additionally, a passenger’s weight must not exceed 125 kg, those who are near this limit may need to wait for an aircraft that can safely carry them.

Are helicopter tours dangerous?

While flying in a helicopter is definitely more dangerous than commercial airplanes, it is safe when proper safety and maintenance protocol is followed. 

You will surely have a fun and exciting helicopter ride with beautiful panoramic views, all the safety standards fulfilled, and pilots trained. 

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