25-30 Minute Newcastle & Macquarie Helicopter Shared Flight


With epic aerial views out your window, you’ll see all eight of Newcastle’s pristine beaches, Redhead Bluff and Glenrock National Park as the helicopter swoops over the postcard perfect coastline.

There are plenty more breathtaking sights packed into your 30 minute helicopter flight, including Australia’s largest saltwater lagoon, Lake Macquarie. From there you can see Belmont township, Blacksmiths Beach and the vivid sand island patterns of the beautiful Swansea Channel. Soar over the lake to scope out the locally renowned Pulbah Island, Warners Bay, Blackbutt Reserve and Shortland Wetlands, before flying all the way down to Catherine Hill Bay. This is one of the most perfect beaches in the world and it looks even better from above.

Between the coastal sights, the cityscape skyline and the exhilarating feeling of flying over it all, your helicopter ride will be an experience packed with excitement, so book your seat now!

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